Getting Your CrimsonCard

Who can get a CrimsonCard?

CrimsonCards are available to all IU students, faculty, and staff. Other options are also available for non-IU personnel who may need access to CrimsonCard features. See below for more details and requirements.

  • Current students, faculty, and staff

    Current students, faculty, and staff can exchange their current campus ID card for a CrimsonCard at no cost. Bring your card or a valid, government-issued photo ID to any campus CrimsonCard office. A new photo will be taken at that time.

  • New students, faculty, and staff

    New students will receive their CrimsonCard during student orientation. Prior to orientation, detailed instructions about submitting your photo online will be sent to your University email. Students will be required to present a valid, government-issued photo ID as well as their 10-digit University ID number when claiming their CrimsonCard at orientation.

    New students not attending orientation can obtain a CrimsonCard after registering for classes. Photos can be submitted online or taken at any campus CrimsonCard office. A valid, government-issued photo ID and your 10-digit University ID number must be presented at the CrimsonCard office when you claim your CrimsonCard. 

    New faculty and staff can obtain a CrimsonCard after being finalized in University HR systems. Photos can be submitted online or taken at any campus CrimsonCard office. A valid, government-issued photo ID and your 10-digit University ID number must be presented at the CrimsonCard office when claim your CrimsonCard.

  • Online students

    Currently enrolled online learning students are eligible to receive a no-photo CrimsonCard by completing the card request form. Once your request is processed, your CrimsonCard will be mailed to you within two weeks.

  • Affiliates

    Affiliates are individuals who require an ID card to access services or facilities but are not registered students or employees of Indiana University. They must be sponsored by a department. 

    The cost of an affiliate card is $25. To receive a card, present a completed Affiliate Card Request Form, along with a valid, government-issued photo ID, at any CrimsonCard office location.

    Affiliates with a valid, current campus ID may exchange it for a CrimsonCard at no cost. If that affiliate card was printed before February 2017, you must also provide a completed Affiliate Card Request Form when you exchange it (at no cost) for a CrimsonCard.

  • Guest cards

    Guest cards are available to individuals who would like to make purchases using a CrimsonCard. 

    Departments or individuals may request a card for university guests by submitting a Guest Card Request Form to

Preferred names and CrimsonCard

Your preferred name will appear on your CrimsonCard. Unless you elect to change it in IU's database, your preferred name automatically matches your primary, or legal, name.

Why this matters

If your preferred name significantly varies from your primary name (e.g. Bob instead of Robert or a name that better represents your identity), you cannot use your CrimsonCard as state voter identification. Remember to take another form of photo ID with you when you vote in Indiana.

See the IU Knowledge Base for more information about preferred names.