Paying With CrimsonAccounts

Paying with CrimsonAccounts

A CrimsonCard can be connected to two different kinds of accounts based on whether you are an IU student or employee.

This is a declining balance account where funds must be present in your CrimsonCash account in order to make a transaction, and your account cannot be overdrawn.

To activate your CrimsonCash account, just make a deposit using one of the following options:

  • Credit Card: Deposit funds into your CrimsonCash account using MasterCard, Visa, American Express, JCB, or Discover. Anyone can deposit money into your account using this option including family and friends.

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  • Bursar:  This option is limited to students enrolled at Indiana University. Students may load up to $1750 into their CrimsonCash account each Bursar term, provided the Bursar account remains in good standing and has not become past due.
  • Payroll Prepaid: This option is available to Indiana University employees other than employees in a “no-pay” status. Eligible employees can add funds to their CrimsonCash account by authorizing a recurring deduction from each paycheck up to a predetermined limit ($150 for employees paid monthly and $75 for employees paid bi-weekly).

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This option allows eligible employees to make purchases with their CrimsonCard up to a predetermined limit—$150 for employees paid monthly and $75 for employees paid bi-weekly. Funds are then deducted from the employee's next paycheck.

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Additional details about CrimsonAccounts

  • CrimsonAccounts are separate from campus meal plans and RPS Dining Services accounts; however, all can be accessed using the CrimsonCard.
  • CrimsonAccounts cannot be used to purchase alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, e-cigarettes, lottery tickets, gift cards, money orders or travelers’ checks.
  • Cash cannot be withdrawn from CrimsonAccounts.
  • CrimsonAccounts inactive for more than eighteen (18) months are subject to a monthly dormant account fee of $10.
  • If you have a balance on your CrimsonAccount, you may request a refund for a $15 fee.