Paying With CrimsonCard

The CrimsonCard account

Your CrimsonCard is tied to a declining balance account that allows you to deposit funds and pay for services at on-campus and off-campus locations. Similar to a bank debit card, funds must be present in your CrimsonCard account in order to make a transaction—your account cannot be overdrawn.

Activating your CrimsonCard account is easy—just make a deposit. No minimum amount is required, and anyone can deposit money, also known as CrimsonCash, into your account. You can use these funds wherever CrimsonCard is accepted. 

It's safer and more convenient than carrying cash, and as long as you're at IU, any unused funds will continue to roll over each semester. 

Additional details about the CrimsonCard account

  • CrimsonCash is separate from campus meal plans and RPS Dining Services accounts; however, both can be accessed using the CrimsonCard.
  • CrimsonCash cannot be used to purchase alcohol, tobacco products, gift cards, or lottery tickets.
  • Cash cannot be withdrawn from the account.
  • CrimsonCard accounts inactive for more than one calendar year are subject to a monthly dormant account fee of $3.
  • If CrimsonCash is remaining in your account when you leave IU, you may request a refund for a $15 fee at