Did someone say FREE COFFEE?

Sunday, November 20th, Grubhub is offering $5 off (no min purchase) at any off-campus DUNKIN' locations - pickup and delivery included - to all IU students and employees whose Grubhub accounts are affiliated with their IU campus and have CrimsonCard added as a form of payment. Click here for details!

Planned Outage Alert

The CrimsonCard system is scheduled for a maintenance upgrade Thursday, November 17th between 4am-6am. During this period, CrimsonCard services may be unavailable including, card suspension, account inquiries, financial transactions such as deposits, purchases, and printing, and CS Gold API.

Description of the video:

[ Music ]

Presenting Crimson Card.

[ Music ]

Your key to campus.

[ Music ]

It's a key card for secure buildings or the key
to your home at IU and
access to your meal plans.

It's your key to printing,
your gym membership card,

and it's your library card.

It's one card for all
things IU on every campus.

And with Crimson accounts,
it works like a debit card.

[ Music ]

For the essentials and
those less essential things.

On campus and many off
campus locations too.

Crimson Card, your
key to campus.

Don't leave home without it.

[ Music ]

CrimsonCard is the official photo ID card for all Indiana University campuses.

It provides access to essential university services, including printing, meal plans, libraries, and secure entry to campus buildings like residence halls, offices, and recreational facilities. CrimsonCard is accepted as payment on campus and at participating local retailers.