CrimsonCard 101

Welcome to IU!

CrimsonCard is the official photo ID card for all Indiana University campuses. It provides access to a variety of essential services and features including:

  • making purchases both on- and off- campus
  • gaining secure entry into IU buildings
  • printing while on campus
  • checking out library books
  • using your meal plan
  • accessing sports and recreation facilities
  • tracking classroom and event attendance

How do I get my CrimsonCard?

Students must be registered to attend a New Student Orientation program and have their IU username and passphrase to begin the process of getting their CrimsonCard. If this is you, let's get started! If you still need to do one or more of the tasks above, come back to this page when you're ready!

Step 1 Log in to your CrimsonCard account using your IU username and passphrase. Click 'Get a New Card' in the main menu. 

Step 2 - Take or find your best photo that meets ALL the requirements. Click 'Browse' to select your photo. Make any adjustments if needed, check the box to confirm it meets all the requirements, and click ‘Continue’.

Step 3 - Click 'Browse' to select your documentation verifying your identity. A driver's license, state ID, military ID, passport, or current high school ID will work. 

Step 4 - Select how you would like to receive your CrimsonCard - mail or pick up.

Step 5 - If you choose mail, you will be prompted to provide your mailing address. If you choose pick up, you will need to select IU Bloomington New Student Orientation as your pick up location. Click 'Submit'

Please note CrimsonCards can only be mailed to addresses within the United States. Students with an international address can pick up their card upon arriving to campus or can request a no-photo CrimsonCard be mailed. 

Step 6 - Notification will be sent to your University email address within three days informing you that your photo and documentation were either approved or denied.  

If approved, your CrimsonCard will be printed. It will then be mailed or held in the office for pick up depending on what you chose. 

If denied, you'll need to resubmit a photo and documentation that meet the requirements. 

Your photo MUST meet all the requirements below to be approved!

  • Background must be SOLID, smooth, and white, light-colored, or gray
  • Must be current (taken within the last 6 months)
  • Do not use any filters to alter the photo (resist the temptation)
  • Must be passport-style: forward-facing, head and top of the shoulders in the frame. 
  • Your entire face must be visible. Please no hats, sunglasses, headphones, scarves, hairstyles etc. that obstruct your face. (Religious head coverings are permitted)
  • Color photos only
  • Photo must include only you - no pets, friends, props, etc. allowed
  • Natural or neutral expression/smile
  • Photo must be a .jpg (or .jpeg) file format
  • 1.5 MB file size limit

If you are having difficulty uploading your photo and documentation try making both images (photo and documentation) a smaller size. If this does work, try a different browser and/or device. If you continue to experience difficlties contact CrimsonCard at

YES! Students who upload an approved photo and documentation verifying their identity have the option to have their CrimsonCard mailed directly to them.  Simply select 'Mail' and provide your mailing address during the photo/documentation upload process. Your CrimsonCard should arrive within two weeks.

Please note, this option is only available to those with an address within the United States. Students with an international address can schedule a time to pick up their CrimsonCard upon arrival to campus or request a no-photo CrimsonCard be mailed.  

Yes! Students who upload an approved photo and documentation verifying their identity have the option to pick up their CrimsonCard in-person. 

Students are strongly encouraged to upload their photo and documentation verifying their identity online. Those who want to have their photo taken in the office and receive their CrimsonCard at that time can do so by visiting the CrimsonCard office located in room 090 of the IMU. 

Please remember to bring a government issued photo ID such as a driver's license, passport, state ID, military ID, or current high school ID.  

No! If you already have CrimsonCard there is no need to get another one. Your CrimsonCard is valid for 6 years from the day it was originally printed.

Using CrimsonCash to make purchases

CrimsonCash is money deposited into your CrimsonCash account that can be used to make purchases anywhere CrimsonCash is accepted, both on- and off-campus. Every current student has a CrimsonCash account and can make deposits.  

Benefits of using CrimsonCash:

  • Conveneint access to funds
  • Can use funds at any IU campus
  • Make deposits as needed
  • Unused funds roll over year to year
  • The account cannot be overdrawn
  • Manage your account online, including deactivating a lost card
  • More secure than using cash

Website Bursar Deposit - Available to registered students only, deposits can be made in any amount, at any time from the CrimsonCard website. These deposits can be billed to your student bursar account, as long as you are registered for classes in the current bursar term

Deposits billed to your bursar account can be paid for using financial aid (requires a completed Title IV form), scholarships, grants, 529 funds, or any form of payment accepted by the Bursar Office. Please note, multiple deposits totaling no more than $1,750 per bursar term can be billed to your student bursar account. Other Terms and Conditions apply. 

Website Deposit - Anyone can make a deposit to your CrimsonCash account from the CrimsonCard website using a debit/credit card or PayPal. A $2.50 fee applies to each deposit made. 

Funds on your CrimsonCard can be used at over 200 locations statewide, both on- and off-campus!

At IU some off-campus locations that accept CrimsonCash include: 

  • Kroger Grocery Store
  • CVS
  • Jimmy Johns 
  • Chipotle
  • Noodles and Compnay
  • Qdoba
  • Pizza X
  • Five Guys
  • WingsXtreme
  • BuffaLouie's
  • And MORE

On-campus CrimsonCash can be used at locations such as: 

  • Any dining location on-campus
  • Barnes and Noble campus bookstore
  • Coke vending machines
  • Campus parking meters
  • IU Varsity Shop

Students can manage their CrimsonCash account online at by clicking on the Manage My ID Card and logging in with your username and passphrase. 

From here you can: 

  • Make a deposit
  • Check your balance
  • View your transaction history
  • Deactivate a lost or stolen CrimsonCard
  • Set up automatic account notifications
  • Locate your 16-digit card number used to make purchases online at Barnes and Noble at IU

Bursar Account, Financial Aid and how it relates to CrimsonCash

Every student has a bursar account. This online account is where you'll manage your finances associated with attending IU. Some common expenses charged to your bursar account include tuition, fees, CrimsonCard deposits, housing, meal plans etc. 

Any scholarships and financial aid you receive may be applied to your bursar account, lowering the amount you owe the University.

The University will send your bursar bill on the third Thursday of every month. That bill is due to be paid by the 10th of the following month.

How does my bursar bill relate to my CrimsonCard?

Students can make deposits to their CrimsonCash account to be used to make purchases. These deposits can be billed to your student bursar account, where they can be paid for using any method of payment accepted by the Bursar office.

For example, you instantly deposit $100 to your CrimsonCash account to purchase a textbook. You choose to pay for this $100 deposit by billing it to your bursar account. When you receive your next bursar bill, you will owe the University $100 for the CrimsonCash deposit you made.

If you are receiving financial aid, including grants, scholarships, or loans, there is a possibility it will pay for your CrimsonCard deposit(s). For this to be a possibility, you must deposit funds to your CrimsonCash account by August 3, 2020. This date ensures your deposit is complete before financial aid is disbursed to your bursar account. You must also complete a Title IV form

Financial aid will cover the cost of essential expenses first. These expenses include tuition, fees, amongst many more. If aid remains after paying the essential expenses, it could pay for CrimsonCard deposits made by August 3, 2020. 

It's recommended that questions about financial aid be directed to a representative from the Financial Aid office. 

While you can't directly bill your textbook purchase to your bursar account, you can bill a CrimsonCash deposit to your bursar account. You can then use your CrimsonCard to purchase your textbooks at the Barnes and Noble campus bookstore, either in-person or online.

Those wanting to use CrimsonCash to make purchases on the IU Barnes and Noble website must utilize the 16-digit card number starting with "6012". This number can be found on your CrimsonCard. If your CrimsonCard has been printed but you have not yet received it, you can find this number online by following these steps:

2. Click the "Manage Your ID Card" button.
3. Log in with your IU username and passphrase.
4. Click the "My ID Card" button
5. Locate the 16 digit card number starting with "6012". This number is needed to complete the transaction on the campus bookstore website. If your 16 digit card number is not available online, check again at a later date. It may take 7-10 days before your number is available.

If you make a CrimsonCard deposit before August 3, 2020, and have a signed Title IV form on file, there is a possibility your financial aid will pay for your CrimsonCard deposit(s) made before August 3, 2020. 

You can then use your CrimsonCard to purchase textbooks and supplies from the campus bookstore, both online and in-store. 

Otherwise, if you are receiving a financial aid refund, you can wait for it to be direct deposited into your account or sent to you via a check.