CrimsonCard 101

Your student bursar account, financial aid, and CrimsonCard are all intertwined! Understanding how they work together can help your semester get off to a good start!

CrimsonCash account FAQ

CrimsonCard: CrimsonCard is the official photo ID at Indiana University.

CrimsonCash Account: All CrimsonCards have a CrimsonCash account. This account is a declining balance account where funds (CrimsonCash) must be present in order to make a transaction.

CrimsonCard holders have the option to deposit funds (CrimsonCash) into their CrimsonCash account. These funds can then be used to make purchases anywhere CrimsonCard is accepted as payment and can be managed online. 

CrimsonCash: CrimsonCash is money that is deposited into your CrimsonCash account. These funds can be used to make purchases.  

All registered students have a CrimsonCash account and can deposit funds (CrimsonCash) by logging into their CrimsonCash account. These deposits can be paid for using a debit/credit card or can be billed to your student bursar account. 

Website Bursar Deposit - Available only to current students, deposits billed to your bursar account can be paid for using financial aid (requires a completed Title IV form) including scholarships, grants, and 529 funds, or any form of payment accepted by the Bursar Office.

*Please note, multiple deposits totaling no more than $1,750 per bursar term can be billed to your student bursar account. Terms and Conditions apply. 

Website Deposit - Available to anyone, deposits can be made from the CrimsonCard website using a debit/credit card. A $2.50 fee applies to each deposit made. 

You can manage your CrimsonCash account online at by clicking 'Manage My ID Card' and logging in with your username and passphrase. 

From here you can: 

  • Make a deposit
  • Check your balance
  • View your transaction history
  • Deactivate a lost or stolen CrimsonCard
  • Set up automatic account notifications
  • Locate your 16-digit card number 

Funds on your CrimsonCard can be used at over 150 locations statewide, both on- and off-campus. CrimsonCash can also be used on the Grubhub app, giving you access to almost 300,000 vendors nationwide!

CrimsonCash, bursar account, and financial aid FAQ

Every student has a bursar account. This online account is where you manage your finances associated with attending Indiana University. Some common expenses charged to your bursar account include tuition, fees, CrimsonCard deposits, housing, meal plans etc. 

Financial aid you receive is applied to your bursar account, lowering the amount you owe the University.

The University sends your bursar bill to you on the third Thursday of every month. This bill is due to be paid by the 10th of the following month.

How does my bursar bill relate to my CrimsonCard?
Students can make deposits to their CrimsonCash account and bill them to their bursar account. These deposits can be paid for using any method of payment accepted by the Bursar office.

For example, a student instantly deposits $100 to their CrimsonCash account. The student chooses to pay for the $100 deposit by billing it to their bursar account. When the student receives their next bursar bill, they will owe the University $100 for the CrimsonCash deposit made.

If receiving financial aid, including grants, scholarships, or loans, there is a possibility it will pay for CrimsonCard deposit(s). For this to be possible, students must deposit funds for the Fall semester to their CrimsonCash account using the bill-to-bursar method by August 8, 2023 (IUPUI/IU) and August 24, 2023 (IU regional campuses). This date ensures the deposit is complete before financial aid is disbursed to the bursar account. You must also complete a Title IV form

Financial aid will cover the cost of essential expenses first. These expenses include tuition, fees, amongst many more. If aid remains after paying the essential expenses, it could pay for CrimsonCard deposit(s) made by August 8, 2023 (IUPUI/IU) and August 24, 2023 (IU regional campuses) via the bill-to-bursar method. 

It's recommended that questions about financial aid be directed to a representative from the Financial Aid office. 

CrimsonCash, textbooks, and food FAQ

Students can't directly bill textbook purchases to their bursar account but can bill a CrimsonCash deposit to their bursar account. These funds can then used to purchase your textbooks at the campus bookstore.

If a student makes a CrimsonCard deposit and bills it to their bursar account before August 8, 2023, (IUPUI/IU) and August 24, 2023 (IU regional campuses) and has a signed Title IV form on file, there is a possibility your financial aid will pay for the CrimsonCard deposit(s). 

Students can then use their CrimsonCard to purchase textbooks and supplies from the campus bookstore.

Otherwise, if students are receiving a financial aid refund, they can wait for it to be direct deposited into their bank account or sent via a check. 

Yes, the campus bookstore is the only location where you can use CrimsonCash to purchase your textbooks both online and in-store. 


GrubHub accepts CrimsonCash as a form of payment, giving all CrimsonCard holders access to over 300,000 restaurants in 4,000+ U.S. cities. 

Once you affiliate with IUPUI and add your CrimsonCard as a payment option, you'll be eligible to receive Grubhub+ for FREE, which means $0 delivery fees!

Here's how to get started...

1) Download the Grubhub app and create an account, if needed. 

2) Tap Account > Campus Dining > Select your specific IU campus

3) Add CrimsonCard as a payment option by going to > Payment > Add new payment > Follow prompts

4) Order delivery and enjoy.

Visit Grubhub FAQ for additional details on using your CrimsonCard on the Grubhub app!