GME CrimsonCard

GME CrimsonCard Information

CrimsonCard is the official photo ID for all IU campuses and provides access to essential services at the university and associated hospitals.

The process of creating and obtaining your CrimsonCard has been adjusted due to COVID-19 restrictions. 


Getting your CrimsonCard

  • Current Resident/Fellow who is changing departments and has a CrimsonCard must continue to use this card. Once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, an updated CrimsonCard can be obtained in the CrimsonCard office. 
  • New Resident/Fellow who has never had a CrimsonCard must upload a photo.
  • New Resident/Fellow who has a student CrimsonCard must upload a photo.


  • You may use your professional headshot or take a photo that meets the requirements
  • Once you have your photo, click 'Upload' and login with your University username and passphrase. 
  • For Reason select 'New Employee/Resident/Fellow - Initial Card'
  • For Pickup Location select 'IUPUI - Campus Center 217'
  • Click the 'Provide your photo' box and upload your photo
  • Click the 'Photo being uploaded meets all photo requirements' box only if your photo meets the requirements. If your photo does not meet the requirements, upload a photo a that does.
  • Click 'Continue'
  • Click 'Submit'
  • An email will be sent to your university email informing you your photo has been approved or denied. If denied, a new photo needs to be uploaded.


CrimsonCards will be distributed during specific Department/GME orientations. Remember to bring a photo ID such as a driver's license or passport to verify your identity. 

General CrimsonCard Information

Your CrimsonCard will be used to:

  • identify you as a member of the IU School of Medicine community
  • gain secure entry to buildings, labs and other restricted areas
  • make purchases both on- and off-campus using CrimsonCash
  • print while on-campus 
  • access sports and recreation facilities 
  • check out library books

Connecting your CrimsonCard to your paycheck to make purchases is the ulitmate convenience!

This option, called Payroll Advance, allows eligible employees to make purchases with their CrimsonCard up to a predetermined limit—$150 for employees paid monthly and $75 for employees paid bi-weekly. Purchases made during a payroll cycle are then deducted from the employee's next paycheck.

To enroll in Payroll Advance:

  1. Login into your CrimsonCard account with your username and passphrase
  2. Click My Accounts
  3. Click Payroll Advance
  4. Accept the Terms and Conditions
  5. Click Opt-In
  6. Go buy lunch with your CrimsonCard!

Your CrimsonCard can be used at over 200 locations statewide, both on- and off-campus!

Some hospital locations that accept CrimsonCard include: 

Some off-campus locations that accept CrimsonCard are:

  • Kroger
  • Jimmy Johns
  • Blaze Pizza
  • Sushi Boss
  • Arbys
  • Qdoba
  • Chipotle
  • And MORE

Students can manage their CrimsonCash account online at by clicking on the Manage My ID Card and logging in with your username and passphrase. 

From here you can: 

  • Enroll in Payroll Advance (connecting your CrimsonCard to your paycheck)
  • Check your balance
  • View your transaction history
  • Deactivate a lost or stolen CrimsonCard
  • Set up automatic account notifications